flash gallery online

Almost Anonymous alias Bob Matheny sitting in doorway of the original Third Avenue Flash Gallery.

You are now perusing the home page for the "Flash Gallery Online," which shows the work of  Almost Maybe alias Almost Anonymous aliasBob Matheny, AND other artists, dilettantes, eccentrics  and outsiders of Almost Maybe's choice. If you click on "Internet Exhibitions" or "Guest  Artists" you will find links to the shows.

My first gallery had two names, “The Third Avenue Flash Gallery” and the “Third Avenue Flash in the Pan Gallery,” and was located in the front section of my studio at 629 Third Avenue just off Market Street in downtown San Diego. Circa 1970. (Gary Hudson and Barbara Strasen were tenants at different times in the larger studio behind mine). There were three shows - my show, a formal, group opening show and a closing show (Ethel Greene).

About the same time, Jon Pittman and David Richardson occupied a store front next door for around six months which served as a studio and gallery. They had one two-day show featuring ghost town trash artifacts from the collection of Joni and Mike Wells. The pieces were hung from the ceiling with monofilament fish line and occupied the entire space. There was a live chicken in attendance.

The Third Avenue Flash Gallery sign. Lettering on antique stove door.